About Us

About Us

BIA is Paving The Way…to a future in the shores of a great nation, Australia — the Land Down Under.

Australia is one of the most successful multicultural nations in the world. It is a nation whose identity was forged from the diverse cultures of its indigenous people and the immigrants who have landed on its shores since the gold rush era of the 1800’s.

As diverse and colorful as it is unique, Australia’s cultural heritage is the common thread that binds its people together and has woven itself into the present social, political, and economic climate. It is everything Australia stood, and still stands, for.

Diverse and multicultural, yet singular in its identity, Australia is a beacon for migrants who want to be part of that socio-political and cultural tapestry. It is from this backdrop that the concept of Best Immigration Australia came into being.

Best Immigration Australia

Do you want to visit, study, work or live in Australia?

The Australian migration system is complex and always changing. Going through the migration process can be very challenging to anyone.  We are here to help!

At BIA, we will give you honest and quality advice.  We offer personalized service tailored to your specific needs so you can make that important decision about your future.

We will assist you in assessing your circumstance, looking at the visa options available to you, recommending the most suitable visa, and liaising with the Department of Home Affairs while waiting for the decision on your visa application.

Each individual is unique. Each need is different.  BIA is committed to guiding each client every step of the way.//


  • Full Assessment
  • Migration advice as to the best visa option available
  • Visa application process and lodgement
  • Citizenship application
  • Merits review on visa refusal and cancellation
  • Advise on skills assessment
  • Advise on English Test e.g. IELTS
  • Advise on settling in Australia
Our Mission
Our Mission
To help clients in their quest for a better future in Australia by providing them with honest and quality migration advice, while guiding them in every step of the way as they go through the migration process.
Our Vision
Our Vision
To continually expand into geographic areas where our expertise is needed.
Our Values
Our Values
We adhere to these values when dealing with our clients:
Integrity: Upright and honest in our dealings
Quality: Always striving for excellence in our work
Timeliness: We believe time is of the essence in what we do.

Code of Conduct

As Registered Migration Agents, we are regulated by the Code of Conduct in our profession. This means that we are bound by the legal and ethical standards demonstrated in the Code and must perform our duties and obligations as part of the requirement of the Code. To access the Code please follow the link: https://www.mara.gov.au/media/553229/Code_of_Conduct_April_2017.pdf